Sport Performance Training

Strength and Conditioning is essential for maximising the physical performance for athletes of all levels. Training programs are specifically designed tailored to each individual athlete’s needs. For the most part, developing capacities in muscular strength and power, aerobic endurance and flexibility are essential components to a successful strength and conditioning program. A highly detailed and structured approach to training is systematically incorporated to improve the performance of an athlete. Training activities that target specific physiological, psychological, and performance characteristics of individual sports and athletes are always considered in the process to achieve the ultimate goal of maximising athletic performance.

Our main philosophy is to stick to the basics and do them well. Very well! There is no need to complicate training with fancy programming. This goes a long way for a successful program; it has been proven time and time again. Educating the coaching staff, parents, and most importantly the athlete. It is the most effective way to build trust. I want to take everyone on the journey and leave no one in the dark. Forming a strong relationship with our athletes while still maintaining a professional environment is key. Without the athlete’s trust and respect, our knowledge is useless. Be their friend, but strive for professionalism

Teams trained by Force Fitness Studio

West Preston Lakeside
Watsonia Football Club
Preston Bullants Cricket Club
Old Paradians Cricket Club
AquaJets Swimming Club
Eltham Rugby Club
Millpark U17 Football Club
Banyule U15 Football Club
Preston Lions U8 Soccer Club